Pressure sensitive tapes are a critical component for the efficient processing of production materials in web form. Common applications for tape in this environment include core start, splicing and roll tabbing. Selection of the proper tape requires intimate knowledge of its performance characteristics with regard to such elements as the substrate it will be applied to, tension requirements, temperature variations and removability.

Applications and Requirements

Products and Characteristics

Core start-Removanle, Reusable, Permanent

Double or Single-Coated Tapes

Tabbing or Securing OverwrapText

Removable, Permanent, Stain-Resistant

Splicing - Overlap, Butt, Flying, and Zero Speed

Quick Tack, Heat-Resistant, Detectable

Reduce Friction / Slip Surface

Teflon or UHMW for Heat and/or Slip

Splice Detection

Colored or Metalized Carriers

Web Guidance and Traction Control

Dimpled or Tackified


Applications for web processing environments are further complicated by the presence of inks, various adhesives, release and other coatings in printing and finishing operations. Understanding how these elements will interact is necessary to select the right tape. The mounting of flexographic print plates is a critical application for sticky back pressure sensitive tape. Applications for tape in finishing operations include transfer and edge reinforcement tapes. Identifying the required functionality of adhesive transfer tapes involves careful consideration of features such as permanent or removable adhesives, flush cut or extended liners, tamper-proof or tamper-evident capabilities and methods of application.

Applications and Requirements

Products and Characteristics

Plate Mounting - Flexo & Rotary Letter Press

Sticky Back Tapes: Cushion and Hard Back Double-Coated

Splicing - Zero Speed, Flying, Butt and Overlap

Repulpable, Single and Double-Coated (Film, Paper, Transfer)

Edge Reinforcement

Long Length Narrow Film - Polyester, Polypropylene

Security Seal or Reclosable Seal or Flap

Adhesive Transfer and Double-Coated with Exrended Liner

Package Opening System

Tear Strip Tape

Screen Printing

Premask or Application Tape and Screen Block

Bindery, Finishing and Hot Stamping

Teflon and Premium Masking Tapes


Because plate-mounting tape is the least of so many variables, it should be as simple as possible to choose the right one. Despite that, the number of permutations of tape foam densities, adhesive characteristics, and liners available in the marketplace continues to multiply.

Your job is already complicated enough, so we offer Scapa Exafit® flexographic tapes, which are based on this essential truth:

Reducing the number of process variables reduces the process variability.

Scapa Plate-Mounting Tapes: Making Print Come Alive
Scapa is a global supplier with more than 90 years of experience in producing adhesive tapes. Because you want simple solutions, not complex specs, their tapes meet virtually all of your printing needs with just five foam densities and two adhesive options.

The secret to simplicity? Scapa’s resilient foam that provides a stable platform and evens out variances in substrate thicknesses.

Because Scapa tapes perform well over a far broader range of printing variables than other brands, fewer are necessary to meet your needs.

Layer 13

The secret to simplicity? Scapa’s resilient foam that provides a stable platform and evens out variances in substrate thicknesses. And everything after

Maybe it’s time to switch to the Swiss Army knife of flexographic print-mounting tapes rather than buying a different “tool” for every job.

Also, you’ll improve your process efficiency. You can quickly remove and reposition the liner, making it simple to eliminate bubbles. Plus, the tapes leave no residue.

Fewer tapes. Faster processes.
Better results.

As application consultants, we’ll help you select the right plate mounting tape for your needs.

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One of the more difficult tape applications in this environment is beaming of synthetic fibers. Denier and finish of the textiles are two of the critical elements that must be considered in selecting the correct adhesive to hold fast the fibers during the warping process. From greige goods to finished apparel, selection of the proper tape is essential to efficient processing and reduction of waste.

Applications and Requirements

Products and Characteristics

Beaming / Leasing

Paper or Laminates that are Stiff and Aggressive

Wrap Closure on Overwrap of Beam

Paper or Film of Same Material as the Wrap

Core Start and Tabbing

Stain and Residue-Free Adhesives

Dye and Finishing

Teflon Glass Cloth Covers for Dryer Roll Stack

Rotary Screen Mask

Vinyl or Film


Common applications for pressure sensitive tape in this environment include roll tabbing and surface protection. The smooth and sometimes oily surfaces of metal products present demanding challenges for the application of tape. Holding the end of a metal coil requires a tape with specific tensile strength and adhesive formulation to grab the surface. Protecting finished surfaces without staining demands a removable adhesive that leaves no residue. There are no "one-tape-fits-all" answers in this category.

Applications and Requirements

Products and Characteristics

Tabbing and Core Start

Filament and Tensilized Polypropylene

Surface Protection

Film or Paper

Masking for Painting or Finishing / Plating

Premium Paper, Vinyl / Electroplater, Foil


Premium D/C or Reinforced Single-Coated

Product Identification

Colored or Printable Tape

Alternate to Mechanical Clamps for Fixturing

Double-Coated and Differentail Adhesives


There are unlimited applications for pressure sensitive tapes in manufacturing and assembly, from becoming an integral part of the finished product, to an essential part of the manufacturing process, or simply defining a work space. Tape is often used as a substitute for mechanical fasteners and the selection is generally based on properties such as permanent or removable adhesive, vibration or sound dampening attributes, electrical conductive properties of the adhesive or foils and colors for coding, line marking or hazard protection. Teflon coated tapes that resist heat and reduce friction are cost effective solutions in many production environments.

Applications and Requirements

Products and Characteristics

Non-Mechanical Fasteners

VHB , Double Coated Adhesives


Double-Coated Foam Tape, Adhesive Transfer

Board Insertion

Spooled Sequencing Tape



Color Coding

Vinyl, Paper, Film

Surface Protection / Sub-Assembly Packaging

Protective Films or Paper , Fabricated parts

Vibration and Sound Dampening

DC Foam, UHMW and Teflon®

EMI / RFI Shields

Converted Parts - Die-Cut and Close Tolerance Slitting

Converted Parts or Dispensing Pieces of Tape

Conductive / Non-Conductive Adhesive

Vinyl Window Miter Welding

Abrasion Resistant TFE, Fabricated Parts


Double-Coated Tapes


Selecting the proper tape for masking applications requires a detailed understanding of the working environment in which the tape must perform. In a typical painting or powder coating application, factors such as staging time, cure process, temperature range and duration, UV exposure, and paint formulation will influence a masking tape's performance. Application and removal techniques are also important considerations in the tape selection process.

Applications and Requirements

Products and Characteristics

Industrial Painting - Oven and Air Dry

Paper, Film, Vinyl

Electroplating and Polishing

Vinyl, Foil, Polyester

Composites Including Bagging

Teflon® and Polyester Tapes, Porus Fabric/Bleeder Cloth

Powder Coat

Polyester and Premium Paper

Circuit Board Including Fume Protection

Polyester with Silicone Adhesive

Screen Print Block Out Tape

Vinyl Screen Mask or Solvent Resistant Tape

Protective for Finished or Work in Process

Paper or Film Including Cohesive Products


Product packaging is an important element of a company's or brand's image. Selecting the proper packaging tape provides value well beyond a roll's cost. There are packaging tapes that are specifically engineered to address carton sealing issues such as over or under packed boxes, cold temperature or high moisture environments, protection against pilferage using tamper-proof or tamper-evident features and variations in corrugated box constructions. The application method selected for these products, from hand-held dispensers to automatic equipment, can be tailored to your specific operation in order to reduce labor costs. Strapping tapes and stretch film for palletizing or bundling applications are valuable tools in the universal effort to minimize product damage or loss in transit.

Applications and Requirements

Products and Characteristics

Carton Sealing Tapes and Dispensers

Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Water-Activated-WAT

Reinforcement, Unitizing and Bundling

Filament, Tensilized Polypropylene

Protection / Dunnage

Protective Film, Paper, Cohesive

Securing Sub-Assembly or Components

Stain and Odorless Tapes

Packing List and Label Protection

Packing List, Pouch Tape